Living Youniquely

How life changes in the blink of an eye!

Hey Bloggers and Peeps alike! Boy I’m amazed at how my life has changed in just a few months. You all know about my illnesses and issues and how it has affected my life. Also about how I was sent into a spiraling depression, and how Younique has changed my life. In just a few months I have grown my business and am just a $115 from becoming a Yellow status and a permanent raise in my commission. Not to mention this has all been done in 5 months. I went from a lump in the bed to a pretty amazing business woman, if I do say so myself! (Patting myself on the back)

My latest achievement was a competition I was in. LiveStream Katya’s 5 day LiveStream Challenge. Now if you are own a business whether it be product or information based, and you don’t know that name I suggest you look it up! She is beyond amazing and absolutely inspiring! She is the creator of Peri10k. Another “little” something you should look up if you haven’t heard of it.

Anyway back to me, I entered her contest. I was really just hoping to expand my skills and learn some information to help my business grow. I NEVER in my life thought that I would end up where I am! When the contest began Katya asked if we were in the contest to compete for the prizes or just to learn. Well of course I was there to learn, but was I there to compete? I thought about it, and decided why not? What’s the worst that could happen with 1400 people competing there was no way I was going to even see my name anywhere on the leaderboard.

So I started the competition, and I did my best. I worked hard and enjoyed Every minute of it. It “challenged me”, and I was excited! Then Katya announced she was going post the mid-competition leaderboard. You can imagine my surprise when I was in the top 10! I was in thetop 10! That just gave me more incentive to work harder, because if I could make the TOP 10!!!! I could make it higher, maybe?

So the last few assignments came out, and I did them with my heart, head, and soul! I wanted to see and prove to myself that I had changed and learned enough to do even better.

Again I doubted myself, but I still put everything I had into those last few homework assignments!

Then it was the day. The day she announced the winners. You could imagine my surprise when I came in #3 out of 1400 people! How amazing is that?! I couldn’t believe my ears and my eyes! I had never felt so much pride in myself! In fact that was part of my issue as many times as I say it in my head or out loud confidence and pride have never been a strong suit.

Winning this contest gave me so much more than just being a part of a Master class and 30 minutes alone with Katya. It gave me a big boost of confidence, and I’m not ashamed to say a bit of an inflated ego! Two things that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. Actually the last time I felt it was as a nurse the first time performing CPR on a patient whose life I saved!

I know it seems funny to compare the two, but between Younique and Katya and her challenge, a life was not only saved but changed forever.

Now at this point in time I can’t afford her Peri10k, but she has opened it up for an apprenticeship. Of course I applied and I feel like I am almost back to square one and that fear deep in the pit of my stomach that maybe I’m not good enough. Either way I my life has been forever changed.

A special thanks to LiveStream Katya and my sponsor, mentor and friend Xristina Georgiou!

Living Youniquely

Help me please

Dear Friends, If you are struggling with knowing what kind of makeup or skincare products to use or how to use them, or if you’re a stay at home mom, a wife who seems to have lost themselves, a person who wants a little or a lot of extra income, or if you’re looking for a place where you feel empowered, supported, and very much loved I would love your help. I will be going live at 5pm EST and will be sharing my knowledge / thoughts around the information I listed above.

Could you help me out and let me know what are some questions around that, that you would love to have answered?

Just comment below and I’ll pick a few to answers on my stream.

Thank you!



Katya Varbanova #5DayLiveChallenge




I’ve Told this story, but my life has changed.

Barely 5 months ago I was a lump in the bed with the blankets over my head. So severely depressed due to the chemo and the fact EVERY time I went to one of my doctors I got a new diagnosis. Starting with Addison’s that was changed to severe adrenal insufficiency, which is exactly the same thing except caused by a different illness. Unfortunately I still have yet to be told what is causing it. Then I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, diabetes, psoriasis, SEVERE psoriatic arthritis, Barrett’s esophagus, ect. I was so depressed. The last X-ray of my low back showed severe lumbar degenerative disc disease. So while a Fall and apparently disc disease to follow ended my career as a nurse.

I decided to put my creativity to work and started making jewelry! I loved it! I was good at it! Started selling it! Then the psoriatic arthritis hit me like a train! For some reason it has been very aggressive. My fine motor skills in my hands have destroyed that career. I thought my life is over. So I crawled in bed, depressed, anxious, not knowing what to do.

Our lives ( my husband, our children, and mine) had changed forever! Not for the good either. I had spent years on my education. I used to work 16 hour shifts, and make over $1000 a week and with my husband’s job we were doing really well. Now our income was more than cut in half, and our medical bills had more than quadrupled. Also I lost my insurance when I lost my job as a nurse.

My heart was broken. I felt like such a burden! My husband was now working 12-16 hour days 5-6 days a week. His only day off he made sure was my chemo day so he could take care of me.

He cooks, cleans, does laundry. Our children now 23 & 25 years are living in Texas with my side of the family. Here comes empty nest syndrome!

I didn’t know what to do. I knew I needed to find a way to contribute. I have been working since i was of legal age. Even though I hated the thought I applied for SSI/SSDI four times with a lawyer and was denied all four times. I didn’t understand. I was told I could work “rolling cigarettes”! YES! That was supposed to be my new job. Do they even roll cigarettes for money anymore? I thought it was done by machine. Either way I was WAY overqualified for that line of work, but the judge sided with the Occupational ( whatever he was). What do they not understand about loss of FINE MOTOR SKILLS!

So two more years in bed, crying, and feeling sorry for myself! Then one day I was on Facebook and was befriended by a lady named Christina. She seemed so nice, and we became good friends. She lives in the U.K. She was honestly concerned about me, my health, and more so my mental health.

I told her I watched my husband work so hard and do EVERYTHING! It was hurting me even more than all my illnesses. I wanted to contribute so bad and I didn’t know how. She introduced me to Younique. Of course the starter kit, which was AMAZING, was $99. I couldn’t even afford that. So we just continued to get to know each other. Finally after a month I had the money and bought the kit.

She had been telling me that how Younique had changed her life, given her confidence, and empowered her. It was a company of women supporting and empowering each other!

From the moment I started I received such an amazing greeting and feeling of warmness and caring from so many women.

Now only five months in I’m building an amazing business with so much support and education that as long as I keep putting in the time and effort I will get my second promotion in less than 5 months with another one not too far behind that one. Not only that I have made so many friends!

I want to share this experience with people who are going through similar situations, and low self esteem. This is more than your business, more than a job, more than makeup (although not a bad perk along with sooo many other), it’s an AMAZING experience.

Next time we’ll actually get into the business, Younique!

Thanks for reading!!!!! Amy White Status Presenter (soon to be yellow)


Picking up where I left off…

Good afternoon… yesterday I was talking a “little” about how I got started in heading.. I thought I’d share a few pictures of my early work. 


This was one of the first stretchy bracelets I made with matching dangling hummingbirds earrings. So proud and it was one of the first pieces sold.
Another early piece. Three strands one silver chain link, and two strands of jade chips.. again one of the first ones sold.
I made this set to celebrate my first 4th of July.
My first trinket bracelet. I still have this. its my favorite so I guess I haven’t tried that hard 😀